Kate Ciepluch’s (Shopbop.com Fashion Director) New Line Of Blazers – Laveer


Kate Ciepluch, fashion director of Shopbop.com, turned designer when she set her sights on creating the perfect blazer.  “Jackets are the classification I am most passionate about. It is the outer layer that is truly the piece that defines your look”, says Ciepluch, 30, of her reasoning behind pulling together a collection dedicated solely to the wardrobe staple in different lengths and fits. She goes on, “It’s like a handbag or a great pair of boots, an amazingly tailored jacket is a great investment—it is an item you can rely on and wear constantly to provide that pulled-together finishing touch instantaneously.”

Kate choose Laveer, an old nautical term meaning “to sail against the wind”, as the name because she loved the “feminine, mysterious sound of the word and that the reference points to going against the grain”.  The line, which she describes as “urban bohème”, is cut from herringbone tweeds, tartan plaids and ombré wools, edged in bright piping or inset with leather and given vintage-like buttons for an idiosyncratic twist.

Kate plans on extending the line beyond blazers in a few seasons, but for now she is content in focusing on the jacket. After all, she says: “A blazer is the finale that communicates your personal style to the world.”

Laveer Reverly Blazer $695.00 Laveer Double-Breasted Jacket $525 www.barneys.com

Laveer Kadette Blazer With Plaid $495.00 Laveer Colorblock jacket $495.00 www.barneys.com

Clockwise from top left: Laveer Reverly Blazer $695.00 www.shopbop.com,, Laveer double-Breasted Jacket $525 www.barneys.com, Laveer Colorblock jacket $495.00 www.barneys.com, Laveer Kadette Blazer With Plaid $495.00 www.shopbop.com.


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