My Darling Angel


Do yourself a favor today and tell your loved ones, friends and family that you love them!! I am so grateful that I got to tell my sister how much I loved her. That I told her how very much she meant to me, and shared with her that she had been the best sister a person could ever ask for before she passed. I was truly blessed to have her in my life. I’d like to share with you the poem I wrote and read at her funeral yesterday.

I imagine
Even after months have passed
I’ll still walk with a heavy heart.
The loss of you will creep upon me without a warning
But then, the delightful memories from days long gone
will lift me up. 
Your pure heart, unforgettable being and inimitable nature
will fill me with the joy that is you.
You taught me to be the best me 
to live in my heart
You never knew the influence you had but
I often found myself, and still do, asking what would Michelle say, what would she do.
When I think I couldn’t miss you more
Someone smiles at me and I imagine you smiling through them. 
and there you are, my sister, back to teach me more lessons
back to remind me you’re just a moment, just a smile away.
At the Holidays please consider donating to The special Olympics, participating in them gave my sister Michele such joy, sense of pride and happiness. Watching her participate was one of the best gifts of my life!


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2 responses to “My Darling Angel

  1. Alexandra

    Dearest Kristin,

    Your poem brought tears to my eyes and demonstrated that true style is wearing your heart on your sleeve. Thank you for sharing with us something so near and dear, many blessings to Michelle’s spirit and to you. Your stories of her kindness and purity are an inspiration. I know that she will always be with you.


  2. Linda

    I’m so sorry for your loss. What a perfect and beautiful tribute to your sister. Thank you for reminding me to let my family and friends know how I feel. Please know that you, too, are among those I love.

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