The New It Bag – Resort’s PS 13

While Hollywood may not be able to keep a secret, turns out designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez are quite adept at it. While Resort 2013 reviews mentioned the new Proenza Schouler PS 13 there were no pictures to be seen..anywhere!. Of course, that was intentional, Proenza Schouler had restricted photos of the bag to keep it away from the eyes of potential counterfeiters and brands that would be copying it in a wink of an eye.

But all that changed when Vogue gave the sure to be new IT bag it’s Last Look on the back page of the November issue. They featured the bleached python that is then re-colored in Rorschach like patterns (Jack’s and Lazaro’s inspiration for the bag) in white and black. What do you see in the bag? I see it in my closet!!

That is if I come into an extra-large sum of money. Rumor has the PS 13 – a utilitarian purse in various sizes that can be hand-carried or suspended from a chunky shoulder strap – retailing at around $6,500.00 for the python skin and the regular leather at $ 2,250.00!


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