Fall Micro Trend – The Moto Boot

You don’t have to be a Hell’s Angel’s girl or Harley Davidson cognoscente to enjoy the ever-growing motorcycle ankle boot trend. Though, being in touch with your inner bad girl might not hurt!!

The days are getting shorter and a chill has begun to permeate the evenings, so if you’re not dusting off your favorite pair of moto boots (even if you have) there are plenty out there to entice you to purchase a brand new pair (or second or third). My fav (at least for today) is the Fiorentini & Baker Elis eternity studded suede boots for $505.00 available online at net-a-porter or in person at Barney’s in Los Angeles (don’t forget to ask for Michelle Goodman – personal shopper) or New York.

Happy trails and don’t forget to wear a helmet!!

Clockwise from top left: Ugg Fabrizia Leather Motorcycle Boot $250.00 www.cusp.com, Rockport Women’s Anna Motor Boot $190.00 on sale for $135.00 www.endless.com, Guess Motorcycle Boot $159.00 www.guess.com, Cri de Coeur Lure Ankle Boot $120.00 on sale for $65.00 www.endless.com, Arnie Padded Biker Boots $180.00 www.topshop.com, Fiorentini & Baker Elis Eternity Studded Suede Boots $505.00 www.netaporter.com.


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