An Awesome Zara’s Shopping Spree

It’s no secret that I can go on a shopping spree at Barneys and walk out with a brand new wardrobe in no time flat. I might drop a few dollars in the process, but I’ll have a blast while I’m at it! But it’s also just as easy to spend some time at Zaras and go home with many fantastic new additions to your wardrobe. The one difference? You’ll spend a lot less money.

Today’s theme started out with a romantic feel; the embroidered pearl blouse and skirt is right on trend for fall, and when you pair the skirt with the red leather shell you add a dose of rock n’ roll edge. The black tulip pencil skirt paired with the ultra feminine embroidered swiss dot top is definitely ending up in my closet – it’s perfect for date nights. My favorite thing about the tulip skirt is it’s versatility – pair it with the chunky cable knit sweater and boots and you have an awesome cozy casual chic look. And when worn with the burgundy (a huge fall trend) leather top and this fall’s mens wear shoe trend, the look is urban chic at its best!

The best part of today’s shopping spree? It netted 5 fabulous looks for fall (and endless possibilities when mixed with your own favorites) all for a smidgen over $500.00. Now that’s what I call a deal!!

Clockwise from top left: Embroidered Blouse With Pearls $99.90, Embroidered Skirt With Pearls $99.90, Leather Front Coat $59.90, Mermaid Studio Pencil Skirt $89.90, Top With Embroidered Swiss Dot Flowers $79.90,Cable Knit Sweater $79.90


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