Barney’s Wherehouse Sale Goes Online

Everybody’s doing it (Steven Alan, Diane Von Furstenburg), taking their big, twice yearly, sales from stores to the world-wide web. Barney’s Wherehouse sale just announced, that they too, are going online. They have yet to say when it will start, but it will be sometime in August.

New Yorker’s will still be able to shop the merchandise in person, Barney’s is maintaining their offline incarnation in New York , at the usual 17th street location (Thursday, August 23rd through Monday, September 3rd), but canceling the Los Angeles sale, leaving Angelites to fend with the masses online.

Which begs the question of how they will handle the logistics. If the online sale happens first, will all the good stuff be gone by the time August 23rd rolls around? If the sales happen simultaneously, how will the company decide which merchandise goes online and which goes to the store? Will we see the same markdowns online and in-store? Only time will tell!

What I do know is that if you sign up on their website now, you’ll get access to a day of preview shopping before the online sale officially starts. And with prices slashed up to 75%, that’s a date you want to know about!!


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