Jemma Sands – The Perfect Compliment To Sun Kissed Skin.

While working as a buyer Jennifer Heim, designer/owner of Jemma Sands, had been making jewelry as a hobby, as gifts for family and friends. When friends of friends wanted to purchase what they had seen she thought it was time for her vision of Jemma Sands to become a reality.
Jennifer’s fondness for nature’s wonders began at a young age. She spent her summers and winters in Hawaii, where as a child she spent hours collecting seashells and sea glass and making them into necklaces. Her love of water has stayed with her through her life (she is an avid swimmer and surfer) and she rarely strays to far from the ocean. It is only natural that she created a line of jewelry that reflects the beauty of the Pacific Ocean from the coast of Malibu to Honolulu, her home away from home.
Besides being a true water baby Jennifer has a love of travel and her jewelry is influenced by the people and places she visits on her journeys as well as family and friends in her daily life. She has a serious fascination with the late 60s and early 70s beach cultures around the world and the ethereal California beach lifestyle.
Every piece is handcrafted by Jennifer in California and is true to her belief that fashion, and jewelry in particular, should compliment one’s natural self, not complicate it. About a year ago Jennifer started working with raw diamonds and sapphires (keeping true to her passion for natural stones in their natural state) adding to her repertoire of gems stones – tourmaline, labradorite, moonstone, chalcedony, turquoise, and aventurine – that are reminiscent of the sea glass she collected as a child.
Jemma Sands is the perfect accessory for sun-kissed skin, whether on the sand, sea or street. Her collection is available at Chelsea Brentwood 310 471 4770 and on Jennifer’s website – Jemma Sands..

Clockwise from top left: Catalina Chrysoprase $156.00, Goa Gold Vermeil  w/Raw Pave Diamonds Bands $496.00, St. Lucia Molokai Amethyst Necklace $450.00, Bali Green Onyx Bangle $156.00, Pink Sapphire & Peach Quartz Cuff w/ Raw Diamonds $1185.00, Hana Necklace $172.00.


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