The Top 10 Steet Style Blogs

Photographing street style in a blog has never been more popular, there are hundreds of them across the world. Face it, there is fashion everywhere, but what separates the cream from the crop is the photogs with an eye for style.

Scott Schuman’s The Sartorialist is the best of the best (my personal favorite) – he is truly a genius – and his girlfriend, Garance Dore’s is not too shabby either. Tommy Ton’s (famous for shooting street style during fashion week) Jak & Jil is another industry favorite, and mine. These photographers possess not only superb technical skills but an uncanny eye for what is hip, relevant and who is a trend setter.

Below are my top 10 favorite street style blogs, if you want some clues on what makes for great style who’ll bookmark each and everyone.

The Sartorialist                        Garance Dore

Jak & Jil                                      Citizen Couture

Vanessa Jackman                   Backyard Bill

21 Arrondissement                The Locals

Street Tonic                               Hanneli


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