Alexander McQueen Resort 2013

I know, I know! I said my latest post on Resort 2013 was to be the last one, but how could I not report on one of my favorite designers? There is always something new and exciting about Burton’s collections, especially this one. It is SUBLIME!

Sara Burton, creative director for Alexander McQueen, cited art deco and David Bowie – the most creative and visually extreme Bowie of the mid-seventies – as the inspirations for her latest resort collection. Sarah described the collection from inside her studio, “The proportions are extreme: high waists, an elongated leg, a peaked shoulder. There’s a harder, more precise, masculine edge that’s a reaction to the roundness and the sickly-sweet femininity of the last collection.” Indeed this collection is a 180 from fall 2012’s – a collection mostly made up of trouser suits – but not in terms of greatness or attention to detail. As usual the fabrics are mouth-watering –  gilded metallic jacquard, white polka-dot sateen, a bronze/ gold/ silver geometric pattern, black light weight crepe embroidered with silvery dots and a silver fabric embroidered with dragonfly’s (borrowed from the art deco era).The tailored black pieces seemed unusually barren till closer looks revealed that lapels and piping were actually trompe l’oeil encrustations of beading.

Burton acknowledged that this collection was “the most rigorous one to create” and therefore more difficult to “make it beautiful”. Well, I beg to differ, not from where I am standing. All hail McQueen!!

Photos are all from Alexander McQueen Resort 2013


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