Spring’s Best Dressed Celebrities

As I sat down to right this, I asked myself what it is exactly that entitles someone to make a “Best Dressed” list. I concluded that it was equal parts creativity, well-rounded put together looks mixed with a dash of risk taking, all while emitting a sense of ease and je ne sais quoi.

These ladies –  Sarah Jessica Parker, Solange Knowles, Diane Kruger and the Olson twins – possess the above in triplicate (even without the aide of a stylist). SJP is a true fashion icon in every sense, whether she is working the red carpet, walking the streets of the West Village or sitting down to chat with Dave Letterman. I bet she retires for the evening looking every bit as stylish as she does in magazines.

Diane Kruger has been turning up in the fashion spot light quite a bit lately. How beautiful did she look at every turn during her stint as judge at this year’s Cannes Festival? Very, is the exact answer! But this starlit too knows how to dress with creativity and aplomb when away from the glaring lights of Hollywood. Solange Knowles (sister of Beyonce), a relatively newbie to the fashion scene, has never ceased to amaze me. Her sense of color and adventure are evident from the most casual looks to the glamorous red carpet strolls she has been amassing. This is one beautiful lady to keep your eye on.

The Olson sisters (MaryKate & Ashley), winner of  this year’s CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year award, truly dress to the beat of their own drummer, and are awe-inspiring doing it. These ladies embody “one’s own sense of style” to their core. Their 2 fashion lines – Elizabeth & James and The Row – are distinct entities yet equally beautiful in their own right. The former being the perfect blend of bohemian cool and urban chic, the latter, which is their high-end collection, a minimalist modern look that has airs of “classic” woven through it. No wonder these ladies exude STYLE!!

1st Row – Sarah Jessica Parker, 2nd Row – Solange Knowles, 3rd Row – Diane Kruger, 4th Row – MaryKate & Ashley Olson.


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