The Last of Resort 2013

I know I seem obsessed with the new resort lines but I love viewing the collections as a whole (I still love to listen to CD’s in their entirety) – the really good ones can tell a story – and I love to share.

Aaron Moran’s reclaimed wood sculptures were the inspiration for one of my favorite designers, Prabal Gurung’s, latest collection (who doesn’t love his slightly stretchy, slightly flared pants he has become known for). The collection is full of bold colors, geometric shapes – some with precise cutouts, and his pairing of different prints together continues.  The end result is a beautiful collection, plain and simple. To see the collection in its entirety click here.

The more I see of Marios Schwab’s designs the more I love him, he is quickly becoming one of my favorites. As Gurung’s collection is structural Schwab’s is of a fluid nature. He elaborated on his best ideas from Fall 2013 – layering of gossamer materials such as sheer silk and net, and cutout shapes in his knits – and has added more “casual” clothes to the mix. Sleek, sexy, feminine and modern make for one amazing collection. To see the collection in its entirety click here.


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