Mums Day — What They Really Want!!

This Mother’s Day I decided to reach out to my friends that are mums, and get the low-down straight from the source. Almost all their answers praised love, thoughtfulness and meaningful gestures over tangible items that are bought on a whim. Below are some of their answers, and a few ideas of my own, to help those who have waited to the last minute (that would be me) to purchase or make their gifts.

My biggest request every year is that it’s a THOUGHTFUL gift- something that I’ll actually like, personal to me, that means something.No random ‘stuff’!  Could be an action or homemade as well as purchased, the thought counts the most!    Cynthia Desser

If I could have ANYTHING I want for mother’s day, the first and foremost thing would be something hand made from my son.  Anything–a poem or a drawing or a card…..Something that captures him at this moment for years.  That I can put away and take out every year and remember how awesome and wonderful he is…..  Amy Amsterdam
I really want a Cartier love bracelet from my husband and son. So fits the feeling. I’m locked in with them! In a good way.  Andrea Putnam     If that price tag will break your piggy bank, opt for the Jemma Sand’s bracelets seen above (available at Chelsea Brentwood).
A big huge box of PG Tips tea.  Michelle Fiordaliso
We added an awesome tea cup from Anthropologie — it’s great fun to mix the patterns when giving more than one.
Honestly?  I would LOVE it if my kids would spend a day helping me to get organized.  Linda
Happy kids.  Nothing else matters.  However, these happy kids better spring for a spa day.  Jane Bosackis
Burke Williams are featuring three gift card packages for Mother’s Day, ranging in price from $139.00 to $259.00.  1-866-239-6635
Clockwise from top left: Madison Lace Leather Wallet by Coach $258.00, Jemma Sands Bracelets $128.00 Chelsea Brentwood 310.471.4770, Tie-Dye Ikat Cup $18.00, Market Candles $10.00, Lanvin Circle Sunglasses $450.00, Markus Lupfer Sequined Initial Appliqued T-shirt $75.00

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