Guest Editor Chelsea – Birds of Feather Flock Together!

“Free as a bird”, the saying epitomizes Spring. And what better way to capture the essence of the season than with a bird necklace.  By nature they have a whimsical spirit, being able to fly high at a moments notice is the essence of freedom. Birds symbolize freedom and have a whimsical spirit by nature because they can fly high in the sky.

Birds and feathers are a major trend this Spring 2012 with jewelry designers everywhere incorporating them into their collections. The hummingbird symbolizes an optimistic approach to life, it reflects on the gentleness of the individual. Sparrows are honeyed little birds that exemplify companionship, and are a symbol of hope. They are also a sign of fertility and renewal as well as rejuvenation of the spirit.

(Top Four Photos: Gorjana Lovebird Charm Bracelet $45.00,  Gorjana Firefly Earrings $48.00, Gorjana Feather Earrings $45.00, Hummingbird Necklace $58.00, Gorjana Love Bird Charm Hair Tie Set $25.00. Available at

(Bottom Two Photos: Rachel Miriam Feather Necklace $98.00, Rachel Miriam Sparrow Necklace $78.00. Available at


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