Celebrate Earth Day!!

Who says clothes and eco-friendly can’t be one in the same. These days you can be stylish and environmentally friendly with my curated list of earth friendly goodies. It’s easier than you think, many designers are thinking organic, fair trade and recycling, in short, about the environment.

Chinti & Parker’s striped dress and Loomstate’s apple green tee are not only on trend (vibrant colors and stripes) but they’re made from organic cotton making them uber soft and cozy. In need of an awesome baby gift? Squeaky the pig is made from organic cotton and Oeko-tex certified safe dyes which makes it super safe, and their fair trade practises support higher social and environmental standards so everybody benefits.

I love that Stella McCartney’s eco-friendly sunglasses are constructed from more than 50% natural and renewable resources, but what caught my eye was their oversized shape and fetching Asiatic print.

This Sunday celebrate Earth Day (April 22) by making your dollars count for the earth. Buy organic, buy fair trade, buy eco-friendly!

Clockwise from top left: Chinti And Parker $160.00 www.netaporter.com, Stuart + Brown Terry Sweat $133.00 www.stuartbrown.com, Organic Squeaky The Pig $25.90 www.fairindigo.com, Stella McCartney EcoFriendly Sunglasses $225.00 www.stellamccartney.com, Loomstate V Neck Tee $40.00 www.loomstate.com, Patagonia Denim Shorts $65.00 www.patagonia.com.


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