Pressed Juicery

Thinking about a cleanse? My favorite is Pressed Juices, even when I am not cleansing I love to start out my morning with one of their 28 zesty flavors. Roots 1 — beet, carrot, kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery — and Almond Milk –almonds, dates, vanilla bean, sea salt, filtered water — are two of my favorite go to’s. Another fav, Aloe Vera & H2O is a great way to stay hydrated this summer.

The LA based company, which first launched in 2010,  just opened their third store in The Brentwwod Country Mart (other stores include Malibu and West Hollywood), and have built quite a reputation in their few short years. Using a hydraulic press which extracts the finest produce straight from the pulp, they are able to minimize oxidation and release vitamins, minerals, and enzymes into each juice that are impossible to yield from a normal juicer. Juices are 100% raw and unpasteurized , giving you pure living nutrients that are energizing and alkalizing, aiding your system back into a balanced state.

Not in the area? No worries, Pressed now offers nation wide shipping right to your doorstep. You can choose from 3 different cleanses, 7 occasional kits or customize your own perfect juice cleanse. You too can get in on the deliciousness, wherever you are!

Visit Pressed to learn more.


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