My Make It Right Weekend in New Orleans

My trip to New Orleans to attend The Make It Right Night was definitely too quick. The French quarter was a blast! I had fantastic oysters at Acme and  heard a lot of great street music there but my favorite tunes came from the jazz club The Blue Owl — a Lenny Kravitz hangout. I fell in love with the homes in the garden district and the artsy creative vibe of the where house district, which I definitely need to check out further on my next visit. It all was so fantastic, but what I cherish most was my tour of the lower 9th ward.

Architecture has been a passion for Brad Pitt for some time, so it came as no surprise to his close friends that in 2007 he conceived a plan to rebuild part of the flood-ruined Lower 9th Ward. His Make It Right Foundation was born and it looked to the future. The future being eco-friendly homes that are green, affordable, and durable enough to weather any storms to come.

The 20 local and international architects who donated plans were asked to keep the traditional New Orleans typologies in mind — the “shotgun” single family home, and the “duplex,” a multi-family home, and were expected to use materials that meets the Cradle To Cradle guidelines and verified to be non-toxic and reusable. The homes are powered with solar systems and use geothermal heating and cooling systems allowing families to save 75% on utility bills. And finally, they were asked to design homes that were aesthetically advanced.

MIR didn’t stop at homes, it is helping to rebuild the community with native landscaping, micro-farms, rain gardens and even building new streets. The neighborhood playground they built is one of the most technically advanced eco-playgrounds in the country. It’s equipment is built with only sustainable and recyclable materials, including a solar-powered computer that allows Lower 9th Ward children to play physically active digital games.

I’d say Make It Right is doing just that!! To donate please visit Make It Right.

Brad surveys the damage from hurricane Katrina and the new homes Make It Right has built.


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