Fashionable New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Setting new personal style standards for 2012 will not only help us feel better and more confident about ourselves but will also bring exciting new possibilities to every aspect of our lives. Having a greater sense, “passion for fashion”, is a fun way to start off the new year (who needs a rigorous gym regime, really…that’s so last year). So, lets vow to try to better ourselves in more creative and fun ways by embracing some new fashion resolutions:

Resolution #1: Add more color to your wardrobe. The blacks and greys of winter are tired and over-done. Try to wear a brighter palate and you might just feel happier and will also be right on point for this season’s color-blocking trend.

Resolution #2: Change your shopping philosophy to the “less is more” mentality. Invest in classic high-quality pieces (now’s a great time to save at the sales on higher-end brands) and have a timeless sense of style. Buying into the short-lived trends is fun and immediately gratifying but the classics will stand the test of time and are crafted with genuine quality.

Resolution #3: Clean out the closet and take ill-fitting items to the tailor or donate them to charity. If you haven’t worn something in a year it might not be necessary to hoard onto. Once your closet is sparse and organized you will be able to see what you own and get more creative with mixing and matching to create new looks. Try merchandising your closet in a totally different way…it will change your perspective completely.

Resolution #4: Try to experiment with new looks and reach outside of the box when it comes to accessorizing. Jewelry, scarves, hats and purses are just as important as the clothes.

Resolution #5: Create a fashion board for inspiration. Do you love a certain celebrity or model’s style? Rip out pictures and tack them onto an inspiration board that you can reference when getting ready. Trust us, this works and it’s a lot of fun!

Have other great ideas? Share your 2012 New Year’s resolution below!


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