Joan & Julie Holiday Trunk Show

Join Curators of Style at the Joan & Julie Trunk Show

When – Saturday, December 3rd 2011 from 11:00am-3:00pm

 Where – Chelsea Brentwood  11704 Barrington Court, Los Angeles, CA 90049 (310)471-4770. Champagne and refreshments will be served.

Accessorizing with vintage jewelry is a highly fashionable and covetable look. Designers and stylists are always looking to the past for inspiration and creative ways to recreate a look that is new and unique.

Shopping for vintage jewelry can be daunting and a time-consuming task. It’s great to happen upon one-of-a-kind antique items from the past, however most of us haven’t the slightest clue where to go or how much to pay.

Joan and Julie is a wildly creative line of jewelry that makes wearing vintage affordable and fun. The designers incorporate vintage findings (such as brooches, charms, medallions and coins) with new and old materials like pearls, turquoise, gold, brass and various cords to create amazing wearable pieces.

Every piece is absolutely beautiful and has a story to tell.

(Joan & Julie necklaces vary from $90.00-$298.00)


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