Designer Profile: Lucky Brand- So. California Cool

Nothing says Southern California cool like Lucky Brand, after all, in 1990 they crafted their first pair of jeans in Los Angeles. Lucky Brand, founded by Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman, started their company with the philosophy-” that jeans are much more than just blue denim and grommets. With every frayed hem and patched knee, they’re a piece of your self-expression” and ever since have been making their vintage vibe inspired denim with that philosophy in mind.

Lucky Denim gets their vintage look from putting it through the wringer-literally-they rip, sand, fray, patch and wash the pieces (often by hand) till it arrives at that “lived in feeling” they have become famous for. They’re a Southern California company that derives inspiration from and infuses their collection with the essence of the Southern California lifestyle.

Lucky Brand, which not only makes jeans but also a fashion line-jackets, tops, dresses, and accessories-has 177 stores spread out over America and is sold in major, select department stores. In 2005, the company expanded its line to include clothing for children-infants through age 10. In 2006, the company opened Lucky Brand Jeans Kid stores, which exclusively sell their children’s clothing.

We have selected some of our favorite looks from the brand-looks best when viewed to the sound track of Tom Petty.

Clockwise from top left:Charlie Flare Jean $99.00, Lucky Bella Leather Tote $249.00,Palomino , Lucky Brand Boyfriend Short $69.50, Legend Studded Western Shirt $118.00 all are found @


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  1. Nicole Pritchard

    Ive been a customer for many years now & recently for the first time received an incorrect order in the mail. I’ve had to call the service toll free # 4 times to only get ” I don’t know what happened ” for an answer. I even re-ordered the merchandise in order to receive the order I first placed that they originally lost. I am extremely disappointed with customer service and their lack of knowledge they are able to provide.

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